New technology test

I’m typing this on my new wireless keyboard attached to my small tablet. I know lots of people who use their tablet all the time, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work for me without a keyboard. And not the on screen keyboard. I need a keyboard that feels like a real keyboard. The first one I bought I returned immediately. It was useless. I got a foldable Microsoft keyboard for Christmas and so far I really like it. I can type fast and it feels like my laptop keyboard.

The other half of this test is working with the WordPress app. I was able to bring up my self-hosted site, thus this test is being done here. I really need to bring up my WordPress hosted blog but I haven’t convinced the app to do that yet. However, bringing up this blog made me realize that I could utilize this space for something that I don’t do on the other site.

I gave up on this blog because I needed more freedom in my blogging and I felt this blog was for my writing side. Nothing wrong with that but I needed a place to write about armadillos if I wanted to. But I plan to write and publish a lot more in 2018 so perhaps this site can be ressurected.

I am calling this test a success. The keyboard works and hopefully the app will publish my words. Perhaps more words will follow.

Just write!

IMG_1617Writing can be playful, spiritual, and thrilling. It can also be grueling, depressing, and impossible. When the writing flows like a clear stream it’s easy to think you’ll sail along forever. But when the writing hits a wall, like water stopped by a boulder, you believe you’ll never be a writer and there’s no point in trying.  My advice is to ignore both of these thoughts.

When it feels easy, challenge yourself and see how you can improve your craft. When it feels like you’re banging your head against that rock, you also need to improve your craft. Both the smooth sailing and the rock are a signal that you can learn more.

So learn more about writing. Learn something every day, but remember the most important rule when writing:

Just write.

If writing seems like that immovable rock, jump over the problem spot and keep going. If you can’t do that then back up to a previous point and go in a different direction, like a tributary on a river. If you put words on the page you’ll eventually erode that boulder. Your writing is water, it only moves forward when you add more and more.


A Work in Progress

I checked out a book from the library that is worth hundreds of dollars worth of web designers. The book is “Create Your own Website Using Wordress In a Weekend” by Alannah Moore. I still have a lot of writing to do but the nuts and bolts are coming together nicely. Once its done I’ll have a grand re-opening. Stay tuned.

A Cool Progress Bar Thanks to Kyle Pratt

Kyle Pratt, a great author and friend of mine has a very professional website. (He focuses on his writing career, unlike my blog that focuses on my random thoughts.) He created a progress bar for his website that I loved, and he graciously shared it with me. (Check his out here to see how cool it is.)

I need to figure out what I’m going to finish in 2016. When I do I’ll create my own awesome progress bar. For now I’ll just put up my Nano project since it is closest to being done. Thanks Kyle.

Jennifer’s Writing Projects for 2015

Fostering Evil
(A Clara Barton Novel)

72866 / 80000 words. 91% done!
Updated December 1, 2015

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson