A Clara Barton suburban fantasy

FOSTERING EVIL purpleFostering Evil is the first book in my new suburban fantasy series. I debated whether to call this book magical realism or fantasy. I decided there was too much supernatural magic (as opposed to everyday magic) for it to be magical realism, but it couldn’t be urban fantasy because it takes place in a mid-sized town in upper New York, so I coined the word suburban fantasy.

Clara Barton is the strongest magicker in the town. She is so strong that she has no idea what she can do. Having grown up as a foster child she now spends most of her time helping foster kids with powers deal with their situation. The rest of her time is spend keeping her younger brother, Damon, in line. He is unaware that he was cursed as a child by their first foster parents. Since Damon was cursed to punish Clara she feels responsible.

When a foster child she hopes to help appears to possess immense dark magick Clara wants to help him adjust to his new powers. But the more she gets involved the more she senses that a strong dark magicker is using foster kids as minions. Is this new magicker more powerful than Clara, and if he is, how can she win? Because as long as  foster children are threatened Clara will do anything necessary, even if it puts her and Damon in harms way.

Fostering Evil (A Clara Barton Novel)

72,866 / 80,000 words. 91% done!
Updated February 10, 2016

Goal: Complete first draft, revise, find beta readers, finish second edit, query agents and editors who represent fantasy