Welcome to my world

IMG_3299When one has been writing for thirty years it seems odd to welcome people to their writing world. I have been writing for myself for that long, but now I want to write for others. On this website I will write about the fascinating world of life, the universe, and everything (yes, I am a Douglas Adams fan.)

I also hope that this will be a place where you can explore my books as I publish them. I have started by self-publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing but plan to expand into magazines and traditional publishing. I believe the method of publishing is less important than making the story accessible to as many readers as possible. I read ebooks, new print books, used books, PDFs, Word documents, cereal boxes, and any other format where words can be conveyed. I enjoy audio books and I think I would love reading books on Google Glass. I have always wanted to buy billboards and display great quotes and trivia on them so that drivers would have something interesting to read. I love words and the images that they create.

So will you will join me in my journey? Along the way we’ll discuss other people’s words as well as my own and I am always interested in reading yours. I’ll end today with one of my favorite quotes. I hope it inspires you as does me.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  Benjamin Franklin