I Love The Omega Network by Thomas Locke

One of my favorite things to do is wander the library shelves looking for new authors to read. Unlike bookstores that only keep the newest books on their shelves libraries have books that are dozens of years old. These are good books but once I move I often can’t find them anymore. This happened with the Thomas Locke mysteries. I kept looking for them but thought I was out of luck. Then one day I noticed they were in eBook form. I immediately ordered them and they are as good as I remember.

Who is Thomas Locke?

Well, he is not a 19th century politician and he not an epic fantasy author. Those Thomas Locke’s I can find information on. The Thomas Locke who wrote The Omega Network is a little more mysterious. In fact I know nothing about him except that he wrote a couple of wonderful books. I guess that is enough.

Why do I love this book?

I love characters who do the right thing even when it is hard to do so. I also love slimy politicians that I can enjoy hating. The Omega Network has both. The good guy has to make hard decisions but he does the right thing. In the process he is almost killed which is a good reason to stop doing the right thing. While I would call this book a Christian mystery I would say that is more about morals than religion. It is also about how people with lots of money can roll over the little guy, a great premise for a book.

No book is perfect. This is what bugs me…

In this case what bugs me is that no one knows about The Thomas Locke mysteries. They are really good, but when I used to borrow them from the library it seemed like I was the only one who ever checked them out. They were always on the shelf when I wanted to read them. That seemed a shame. I know there are a ton of books to read in the world but I wish more people would add The Omega Network and The Delta Factor  to their reading list.

Why should you read this book?

This is an intelligent, moral mystery filled with danger, and a little romance, set in the swamps and cities of Florida, both places where slimy creatures dwell. That must be why I picked it up all those years ago. I never regretted it and neither will you.

A Quote Worth Quoting

Rico took another step toward the desk, let the guy stare down into the barrel, the biggest blackest hole he would ever see. And the last one.

But still there was no fear. Thomas Locke The Omega Network