Looking for Inspiration


October 19 was my 42nd birthday and I planned to set some new goals for myself. I make New Year’s goals also, but it is fun to make a birthday goal. What am I going to accomplish before I turn 43? Usually my list is long, but this year it seems rather boring. Lose weight, write more, improve finances. None of those light a spark in me. They seem more like chores than goals. I need some inspiration.

And I found some!

Aunt Patti gave me a wonderful book for my birthday,  One Little Spark! by Marty Sklar. The subtitle of this book is “Mickey’s Ten Commandments and The road to Imagineering.” I can’t wait to read this book. It should provide a ton of motivation and inspiration.

So my first goal is to finish the book this week. I’ll then post my discoveries next weekend. And I’ll continue to lose weight (10 pounds down), write more (chapter 4 of Storymorph done today), and improve finances (work in progress).

One Little Spark
Of Inspiration
Is at the heart
Of all creation
Right at the start of everything that's new
One little spark
Lights up for you

One Little Spark
Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman