imagesT27W9D13To be written about by another author is the greatest thrill I know. I write stories that are a little weird and I know that most people think so, too. To hear from people who like my stories and are willing to share their opinions makes me want to write more. Below are links to articles about my writing. Please support these websites and their writers by sharing or commenting. They probably like getting feedback as much as I do.

#amwriting: A Writer’s Armamentarium by Jennifer Vandenberg by Connie Jasperson at Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Connie agreed to beta read A Writer’s Armamentarium, my writer’s inspiration book and had very useful suggestions. I was honored when she asked if she could interview me. Her questions were very detailed and she asked me about all of my published work. Having to think about why I write only encourages me to write more, and since my weakness is marketing my books having people like Connie in my corner really helps my writing take flight.

Jennifer on Character Creation by Kyle Pratt at The Narrow Path

Kyle Pratt is an Amazon bestselling author. He and I are both members of the Lewis County Writers Guild. I guess you could say he knows me pretty well. He wrote a wonderful post about a library writing program I gave on January 23rd. Imagine my surprise when he said i was an extrovert! He also said I was an excellent speaker, so I’m not going to argue with him.

Another Model for Authors by Warren Bull at Writers Who Kill

I met Warren Bull at Left Coast Crime 2015. He had gone to the short story panel I was on and asked me about how I self-published the In Stone short stories. His article about our conversation was posted on Writers Who Kill on April 3, 2015. Check it out here.

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