The In Stone Series

The In Stone Series is part private eye mystery, part science fiction, and part fantasy. Travis Eldritch is a tough PI with an even tougher problem. He lives on a moon where everyone is given a Problem at birth. His Problem is that he turns into a statue at random times. His partner, Jet Moored, has his own Problems and together they investigate crimes and try to stop the local mob, the Battleboys, from taking over the city.

Set In Stone (A Travis Eldritch Problem)

Created In Stone (Travis Eldritch Problem)

Revealed in Stone (Travis Eldritch Problem)

Collected In Stone (A Travis Eldritch Problem)

Covered In Stone (A Travis Eldritch Problem)

Attraction In Stone (A Travis Eldritch Problem)

If you want to read all six books for a great price then Volume 1 is the book for you. Since it is only $3.99 you get all six stories for the price of four.

In Stone Vol. 1-6: The First Six Travis Eldritch Problems (A Travis Eldritch Problem)


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