I enjoy poetry and over the years I have written some for my own enjoyment. Since poetry, more than almost any other type of writing, should be shared I am going to use this page to share my own creations. I hope you enjoy this collection.


The Mountain

I wrote this poem for an English assignment during my junior year of high school. I only got a B+ on it, which was disappointing, but I have always enjoyed reading it. It stems from an incident that happened at Zion National Park when I was a child.

I was at a Junior Ranger program in the Nature Center and the ranger asked us what we would be if we could be something in nature. Almost all of the other kids listed an animal like bear or fox. I said I would be a mountain. Even though I was young it felt profound and the ranger said it was a very good answer.

When I was a ranger at Mt. Rainier National Park I gave an evening program on the geology of the mountain. I ended each show by explaining the meaning of this poem and then reading it out loud. I received a lot of positive feedback which is always nice.

I have entered this poem in many contests but have never won. I am sure it is missing the right timbre or pacing, but I have no desire to change it. So I now present it to the world wide web. Feel free to use it if you see fit. All I ask is you give credit where credit is due by using my name as the author. Also I ask that it only be used for good, not evil reasons. Enjoy!

The Mountain
by Jennifer Marie Vandenberg
In the beginning of time
There was a Mountain.
I am that Mountain.
Here I stand; this Mountain.
Here I stand, ever changing,
Never still, always different.
Allowing the rain and erosion
Of other elements’ troubles to wear me away.
For now I am comforting, peaceful
A haven for others
To enjoy my beauty and
Relax within my trees.
And I, this Mountain
Though abused through time
Stand through it all
Majestic and calm.
On day I shall fall.
It may be through the
Slow eroding of time
Or in one fiery turn.
And this I except,
Being a mountain.
Knowing that though I fall
My memory will not.
And someday, through time
Another mountain will rise
And the legacy will start again.
This I know as a mountain.
This I know and will know
For who am I?
I am the support of the earth
Being a Mountain.

I'd love to know your thoughts. Especially positive ones. I can't get too many of those.