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My In Stone Cards (Would you like some?)
My In Stone Cards (Would you like some?)

I have a Facebook page. I have a website. I have my ebooks. Shouldn’t that be enough to become a best-selling author? Apparently not. Despite all the time we spend online (and the cries that society is being destroyed because of it) I find that I still talk to a lot of people face to face. And while it is easy to give an online friend a link so they can find you it is not as easy to rattle off a website to your friend when you’re having lunch together and neither of you have a pen.

So I decided to go old-school and create business cards for my ebook series. Unlike traditional business cards these cards tell people how to find my books, not how to find me. The hope is that if I am telling someone about my books I can hand them a card and they won’t have to try and remember what I told them. They may not buy my books right away, but if they stuff it in their wallet they’ll run across it again and I get a second chance to entice them.

Being an introvert I’ll be the first to admit that my circle of friends is tight but small. Even my online circle, while larger, is still a small group of people I actually know and like. But I know that I am six degrees from everyone on the planet so I would like your help. If you are willing I’ll send you a few cards and then you can pass them out to your friends.

I am not trying to do mail fraud here. I only want you to do this if you a) have actually read the In Stone books and b) truly liked them. If you want to recommend my books to other people I would love to send you some cards so it can be a super simple process. Either leave a comment below or contact me on Facebook. As always I am super thankful for your support and help.

“We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.”

— Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. President