Understanding Twitter (Because I Don’t)

alltwitter-twitter-bird-logo-white-on-blueSeveral years ago, as part of a platform challenge, I joined Twitter. I rarely ever used it, and didn’t enjoy looking at tweets because it seemed overwhelming. I am a huge fan of Facebook, so I ended up ignoring Twitter. Then something happened and I couldn’t access my Twitter account anymore. I requested help from Twitter several times and heard nothing but crickets.

I’m doing another platform challenge this month so I needed to access Twitter again. After banging my head against a wall I gave up and started over. I created a new account @callmejenn5, and entered the Twittersphere once again. And once again I was confused. I just don’t get the point of Twitter. Facebook gives me all the details I need right on my Facebook page. I rarely have to click on a link, but when I do I know what I am going to see. Twitter seems to be all links, and I have no idea if I want to click on them because there isn’t enough information to entice me. This isn’t a complaint. I am truly trying to understand. Since setting up my new account I have been on Twitter every day. I have created tweets, complete with hashtags (another concept I don’t understand), and I am following people. I want to do this, but I need help.

I have read a few books on Twitter, but I am still befuddled. If you use Twitter I’d love to hear what you like about it, and how you make it work for you. Feel free to leave a message below or contact me on Twitter @callmejenn5. Use the hashtag #Twitternewbie (I think that is how hashtags work).

I know people who love Twitter the way I love Facebook, so it must be useful. I want to get over this hump and understand Twitter. Thanks for your help.

“If you use it intelligently, Twitter can be a form of engineered serendipity.” Jason Silva