New technology test

I’m typing this on my new wireless keyboard attached to my small tablet. I know lots of people who use their tablet all the time, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work for me without a keyboard. And not the on screen keyboard. I need a keyboard that feels like a real keyboard. The first one I bought I returned immediately. It was useless. I got a foldable Microsoft keyboard for Christmas and so far I really like it. I can type fast and it feels like my laptop keyboard.

The other half of this test is working with the WordPress app. I was able to bring up my self-hosted site, thus this test is being done here. I really need to bring up my WordPress hosted blog but I haven’t convinced the app to do that yet. However, bringing up this blog made me realize that I could utilize this space for something that I don’t do on the other site.

I gave up on this blog because I needed more freedom in my blogging and I felt this blog was for my writing side. Nothing wrong with that but I needed a place to write about armadillos if I wanted to. But I plan to write and publish a lot more in 2018 so perhaps this site can be ressurected.

I am calling this test a success. The keyboard works and hopefully the app will publish my words. Perhaps more words will follow.